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Fixer (e-only short story)
We Are Not Good People

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The Avery Cates Series

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The Night Will Echo Back at You in Another Chicago Magazine #34, 1998.

Glad & Big in Aberrations #34, 1995.

Sliders: Blood and Splendor by Acclaim Comics, 1996. Written with Jeof Vita.

I Don’t Even Trust Me in, 1999.

The Amazing Martin Landawer in The Whirligig #3, 2001.

In This Slowly Rising City, So Bereft of Company in The Whirligig #5, 2002.

Time Will Forgive in The Portland Review, Summer 2001.

No Great Trick in The Drexel Online Journal, 2003.

Kiss Them for Me in Bare Bone #3, 2003.

Friend of the Devil in Lullabye Hearse #2, 2003.

The Defragmentation of Thomas Crane in The Urban Bizarre, 2004.

Dick for Eternity in The Urban Bizarre, 2004.

The Defragmentation of Thomas Crane was an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 18th Edition

And All the Days Like It in The Portland Review Volume 51, Issue 1, Fall 2003.

The Unappeasable Host in Bare Bone #5, April 2004.

And I Don’t Know the People Who Will Feed Me in Twenty Four Hours #4, 2004.

The Script in Bare Bone #7, May 2005.

The Script has been named as an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 19th Edition.

Ringing the Changes in Danger City, April 2005.

Ringing the Changes has been chosen to appear in The Best American Mystery Stories 2006, edited by Otto Penzler with guest Editor Scott Turow.

Watch the World Die in From the Asylum, April 2005.

Self-Inflicted, Glorified in From the Asylum, September 2005.

The Amazing Martin Landawer in Brutarian, Spring 2006.

No Stranger to Frustration in From the Asylum, July 2006.

And Still Insists He Sees the Ghosts in Bare Bone #9, December 2006.

Mr. Benders New House in Brutarian Quarterly, issue 48/49.

When the Man Comes Around in The Whirligigzine #1, December 2007.

closer in my heart to thee in GUD Magazine , issue 2, Spring 2008.

Drum Trial in Strange, Weird & Wonderful Magazine, Fall 2008.

Sift, Almost Invisible, Through in the Mystery Writer’s of America Anthology “Crimes by Moonlight”, edited by Charlaine Harris.

Sift, Almost Invisible, Through was an Honorable Mention in Best Horror of the Year Volume 3, edited by Ellen Datlow.

“A Meek and Thankful Heart” in Buzzy Magazine (June 2013)

The Ruiner” (Novella), Damnation Books (August 2014)


“Howling on for More” Black Denim Lit (Sometime in 2015)

“Three Cups of Tea” Hanzai Japan (October 2015)

“The Bonus Situation” Mech: Age of Steel (2016)

“Cross Wires” (w/ Stephen Blackmoore) Urban Allies (2016)


The First Time I Got Fired in Angry Thoreauan, 2001.

You’re Eating Yourself, You Don’t Believe It in Angry Thoreauan, 2001.


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