Bookgasm Best 10 Crime Novels

By | December 29, 2007 | 6 Comments

Well, we’re back from our trip to Texas, where, aside from drinking a bit of whiskey with in-laws and exchanging gifts, we actually acquired a stray kitten: Meet Spartacus.

Sparticus le chaton Yes, I am aware of the insanity of taking in a kitten in Texas and then flying him all the way home. Sparky here followed us into our hotel room and made himself at home, and is such a little sparkplug we couldn’t leave him behind. We are sad, softheaded people, it’s true. Our other cats hate us, naturally.

Now, business: Bookgasm’s Bruce Grossman named The Electric Church to his list of “10 best crime novels of 2007“! That simply rocks, bubba.

My agent told me to think of TEC as a thriller early on, but it took me a while to believe her. It’s got cyborgs, fer crissakes, can it really be described as anything but sci-fi? Apparently my agent is not crazy, as previously supposed. Carry on.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday, whatever it was. If you didn’t fly any kittens cross-country, you’re missing out, man.




  • jsomers says:


    Don’t worry, I’ve since come around to the realization that you are always right. As is my wife. If you ever disagree, I’m in real trouble.


  • janet reid says:

    I would never dream of disagreeing with the lovely and talented Mrs. S.

  • Paul Riddell says:

    Aw, shit. If I’d known the two of you were in Texas, I’d have driven to whereever you were to buy a copy of The Electric Church directly from you, and then buy you drinks. I’d buy the Duchess drinks as well, seeing as how she’d be having to deal with a guy who goes pantsless withOUT becoming semiparalytic on bad whiskey. (I was born four days before LSD was declared illegal. You do the math.)

  • jsomers says:

    You know, it never even occurs to me to alert people to my travels. Texas is always in-law time, so it’s not ideal for meeting up. Although your offer to purchase books directly from me, which means I get to pocket all $13 and give nothing–NOTHING–to my publisher, intrigues me. Tell me more.


  • Paul Riddell says:

    Mock all you want, but that’s $13 and free booze. You don’t like your in-laws that much, do you?