We Can Has Movie

By | August 25, 2009 | 12 Comments

Well, I’ve sold the film rights to the Cates books. This has actually been brewing for a while but I have a firm policy of “cash, or didn’t happen”, so I’ve been waiting around for a check before announcing anything.

Now, the chances that 18 months from now nothing has happened are pretty strong, so it’s not time to buy solid gold toilets yet. But it is time to start shopping for solid gold toilets, so I’ve requested a copy of Solid Gold Fixtures International for some bedtime reading over the next few months.

And no, none of you can be in the movie. Hell, even I can’t get a part, despite (or perhaps because of) my desperate pleading.

That is all.

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  • BlueMan says:

    This is awesome news! Hopefully you do get to keep “them” from F-ing it up too badly though? ;-)

  • jsomers says:

    Blueman, the best I can hope for, I believe, is for them to not get a restraining order if I happen to travel to California.

  • Craig says:

    You mean there’s no role for an out of shape System Pig?

  • jay f. says:

    Awesome. Just the possibility of a cool movie being made from this series makes me happy. I remember reading The Surrogates a few years back and now that is coming out as a film adaptation…who knows…

  • Dan Krokos says:

    We need a movie forum asap. Let the speculation begin!

  • retrocog says:

    This is awesome news. Congrats!

    Any truth to the rumor that Zac Efron will be cast as Avery Cates?

  • jsomers says:

    Craig: Well, at the moment there’s not even an actual film, but I will keep that in mind! Maybe there’ll be a contest.

    Jay: I am officially naming you my lucky charm!

    Dan: Ask and ye shall receive.

  • punklibrarian says:

    congrats! I want to be in this movie!

  • Sarabeth says:

    Wow, that’s amazing to hear. You’ll have to keep us updated on any developments.

  • Alex says:

    Not trying to repeat my self but I’m going to repeat myself: That’s awesome! Hmm since they won’t let you star (whiskey rider on your contract was too much for them) perhaps Bruce Willis can be Avery. Tell them to pull in the Sin City peeps and we’re talking BLOCKBUSTER BABY!!!! Not the straight to dvd at Blockbuster video either! They can so do this!

  • Diamat says:

    Belatedly: this is great news, Jeff. Grats.

  • vlorbik says:

    turn around; run. just sayin.