God Bless the Local Press

By | November 11, 2007 | 14 Comments

News from Jersey and Ohio:

First–yesterday I picked up a copy of our proud local newspaper, The Hoboken ReporterHudson Reporter and Handsome Bastard, and lo and behold, there’s an extended story on, you guessed it, Your Humble Author. Because I am the hotness.

I was interviewed by none other than Caren Lissner, Editor-in-Chief and also a popular author in her own right, which means Caren knows a thing or two about the writing business and asked me some really interesting questions about the business of being an author, and also let me ramble on quite a bit about various things the way I often do. It’s really a very nice piece and if you live in this area you should pick up a copy and then tell me how much of a nerd I sound like.

This was good timing because ever since World Fantasy Con I’ve been sitting here dozing at my desk wondering how to keep up momentum. Promoting a book is a marathon, not a sprint, and I often wonder how in the world you keep the universe interested in your novel, aside from wandering the earth with a copy in your backpack and stopping at every diner and bar and reading a bowel-shaking snippet of action-packed prose, and then having some handy order forms ready to take orders.

I don’t think the piece is on their web site yet; if they ever post it I’ll let y’all know. [UPDATE: Posted.]

Second: The Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s John R. Alden wrote a really nice review of The Electric Church:

“”The Electric Church” proves once again that, at least in the world of books, being bad can be a whole lot of fun.”

So there you go–today I am dominating the local press of the world. Don’t let the efforts of these fine folks go to waste! Buy another copy today!



  • CL says:

    How dare you compare yourself to Chandler and Hammet! Just kidding, I know you weren’t. Anyway, I love this line:

    “Promoting a book is a marathon, not a sprint”

    We’ll make sure the story gets up on the internets soon.

  • jsomers says:


    I dare because I have no shame. None whatsoever.

    Thanks for a hilarious article. I think you captured the self-centered craziness that is: me.


  • Diamat says:

    Well look at you, all famous and everything!

    I shall allow myself the indulgence of a small ‘woot’ in your honour.

    By the way, I hope that ‘9 copies sold’ includes the one I bought in the Hoboken B&N.

    If not, rack one up! I will go down in posterity as ‘that guy that put Jeff into double figures’.

    Or perhaps this is ‘copies sold (,000Ks)’, in which case make that ‘five figures’.

    Now I have to go and see some Danes in an enormous truck in Union Square to talk about a ballerina.

    I’d rather be at the Brooklyn brewery, but I guess that will have to wait…

  • jsomers says:


    Ah, that was you buying at the local B&N–reports of suspicious types buying subversive books come in all the time, you know.

    As for my fame and all the wooting and whatnot, last night I was kicked from the couch by the wife in order to clean the catbox and take out the garbage; the rewards of fame still seem to elude me.

    And yes, I think we’d all rather be at the Brooklyn Brewery.


  • KAREN says:

    Damn you, Jeff Somers!

  • jsomers says:


    You know you’re not allowed to comment here. Do I have to call my lawyers?


  • Somers-Mania is sweeping the nation. Holy crap.

  • jsomers says:


    Holy crap indeed. Who’d a thunk it?


  • Caren says:

    (You have to paste the entire linky.)

  • The only problem with the article as I see it is that she left out your biggest stepping stone of all — the huge amount of acclaim and notoriety you received when I published you repeatedly in The Whirligig. Harrumph!

    Feeling slighted (sniffle),


  • jsomers says:

    Caren–thank you!

    Frank: I think the CIA redacted you from the article. I still hear a click on the phone every time I say your name.

    For those late to the party, I’ve already detailed some of Frank’s interest in my writing here.


  • I knew it! That damn CIA sabotages everything I do. But I will get my revenge! Oh yes. For sure.

  • Caren says:

    Frank, move to Jersey City and we will certainly exaggerate your role!