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Well, new best friend Ja’Michael Bush attempted to create a Wikipedia page for Your Humble Author here, which lasted about three seconds before the Powers That Be Wikipedia took it down. I never even got to see the actual page. <sniffles, looks away manfully as he masters his emotions> This is getting embarrassing, really. I’ve got what, the 356th best-selling science-fiction noir paperback books in the English-speaking world, and I don’t rank a Wiki? Jeff is the sad clown today.

We might have to splinter off and start Somerspedia. Who’s with me? Hello?

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  • Say it ain’t so, man! Say it ain’t so!

  • jsomers says:

    Sadly, Frank. . .I am the sad clown.

  • Dan Krokos says:

    I tried making a Jeff Somers page a few months ago. I was putting in information and hit the update button or whatever it’s called.

    But I didn’t, because they deleted the page before I could add anything.

    So my question is: how does anyone get a Wikipedia page if they take them down within two minutes?

  • jsomers says:

    Word. I think someone at Wikipedia hates me. When I rule the world, I will crush them!

  • Lunch says:

    “Who’s with me? Hello?”


  • Craig says:

    I AM…
    uh… where is everyone?

  • No name says:

    This is bigger than Wiki;

    Follow the white rabbit Jeff: ‘scenario 12-D’

  • jsomers says:

    No name: I would love to be embroiled in a worldwide conspiracy. I keep trying to go through the looking glass, but I keep bumping my head.

  • Paul Riddell says:

    What gets me is that you can’t get a Wikipedia page, but I see some incredible nontalents who get full listings, and it’s impossible to edit them further. I mean, what good is a Wikipedia page on Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer if you can’t note that he’s referred to as “The James Lipton of fandom” in his home town?

  • jsomers says:


    I am starting to wonder if someone at WP just silently hates me. Oh well; if I *did* have a WP page I’d just encourage folks to vandalize it, giving out prizes for the most creative falsehood and for the longest-lasting subtlety. I can’t wait!