Best Bad Review This Year

By | March 9, 2009 | 5 Comments

The Digital Plague got reviewed by the glorious Zine World, and Henry S. Kivett didn’t seem to like it, though I had to read between the lines to get that. The bad review is worth it, however, for this glorious summation:

“Somers’ fatal mistake is that he kills off the only likeable character on page 29, leaving us to follow a jackass and his cohorts through a wasteland. . .”

And thus we have the title for Avery Cates #4, don’t we? A JACKASS AND HIS COHORTS coming to you in 2010!

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  • Craig says:

    Did you note the reviewer’s little joke: “fatal mistake”… “killed off.” Now THAT is good writing.

  • Damaso says:

    I guess you’ll have to send the monkeys after him. BTW, where is the St. Paddy’s video? We await your pantless antics…

  • jsomers says:

    My goodness Craig if we start poitning out things like that my glass house is going to shatter around me.

  • jsomers says:

    Never! That footage has been deleted and the flash drive shredded. You’re going to have to rely on the inevitable Internet reenactments.

  • Lunch says:

    I would buy a book with that name very, very quickly.