Another thoughtful review

By | September 23, 2007 | 2 Comments

Here’s another really interesting review of TEC, this time from Robert over at Fantasy Book Critic: “…a lot of damn fun and highly recommended to anyone who’s a fan of the genre…”

You have to love reviews like this because they’re interesting and thoughtful, and as a writer they make you go back an reexamine what you’ve done with a slightly fresher eye. Check it out!



  • don says:

    Hey Jeff, as soon as you take cognisance of this comment that count will have reached 5, cos I done gone and payed for my own copy of TEC. I imagine a couple of cents from that should eventually reach you. Don’t drink it all at once!

  • jsomers says:


    Cha-ching! Thirty-eight cents or something, in my pocket.

    Actually, the way things work means I’ve already been paid for like the first six billion copies that get sold, and I have to sell at least that many before any more monies come my way. Naturally, I spent all my advance on booze already, so now I am broke for approximately the next ten years.