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Well, no one asked for this, but lord knows I have never let that stop me: I am posting here 3 MP3s of me playin’ guitar. They’re more or less songs, I guess, written by me. In the sense that they are not, as far as I know, songs you would recognize as anyone else’s, though I am sure I have stolen all the riffs and arrangements from someone else without realizing it. Please do not identify where I stole everything from, damn you.




Anyway, here’s how I made these snogs, in case you’re interested:

  1. An Ibanez ArtCore AF75 hollow-body electric guitar, plugged into
  2. A Fender Frontman Reverb Amp, used as a pre-amp, plugged into
  3. A Kubuntu PC.
  4. Using Hammerhead Rhythm Station (run via Wine) for drums
  5. Recorded and mixed using Audacity.

DISCLAIMER: Babe, I know these aren’t great music. I know the mixing is terrible and there’s distortion. I know I hit some sour notes and my grasp of Key is, um, fragile. These are posted for fun, and because I’ve been taking guitar lessons for a while now and I like to make things.

That said, these are Copyright (C) 2008, me, bubba. Steal them and I will ineffectually insult you over the Internets.

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