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The list of things I never thought I’d ever say gets longer and longer every day, mis amigos. Among them is “no more whiskey for me I have to get up early tomorrow,” “holy shit there’s three feet of water in my living room,” and anything involving my name and the Romantic Times, but it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling good. So we got a four-star review in the RT Book Review march 2013 issue for Trickster:

Trickster review in Romantic Times

Trickster review in Romantic Times

I’ve always known I had it in me to be romantic. Even when The Duchess tells me otherwise, I’ve always known I just needed a challenge to rise to. Who knew a book about blood sacrifice, magic, and con artists would be my gateway to romance?

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  • Patty Blount says:

    *gasps* I am TINGLING! I can’t wait to read this. When’s the launch party?? I will bring cookies.

  • Yeee! I’ve been DYING to read more from you since the last Avery Cates installment.
    & congrats on the great review!

    I hope the sales lead to future flood supply funding. (Too soon?) haha Jokes jokes jokes!

  • jsomers says:

    Thanks, Kristi! And it’s never too soon for flood jokes at my expense. My pants are still up above the ankle.

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