This terrible song spoils EVERYTHING

By | September 14, 2010 | 4 Comments

That’s right: Don’t dare watch if you don’t know every spoiler, ever.

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  • Shayral says:

    Well that certainly was an interesting three-and-a-half minutes of my life. I’ll need to look into some of his other songs, this was quite nice to listen to!

  • Nemo Pemo says:

    Wow, you listen to MC Frontalot too! That makes you at least 15% more awesome in my book.

  • jsomers says:

    I’ll take it. I’m sure other revelations about me would reduce my awesome by 50%, so I need all the points I can get.

  • jsomers says:

    Shayral, I make no promises that your time spent here will be well-spent. It’s somewhere in the fine print, I think.