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Well lookie here: My publisher has a nifty little post up about the mass market covers they’ve designed for the re-releases of The Electric Church, The Digital Plague, and The Eternal Prison, as well as the debut of #4 in the Avery Cates series The Terminal State. Lauren Panepinto rocks; I love the work she’s doing with these, and I love the fact that Orbit posts stuff like this, giving a glimpse into the process. Rock on.

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  • jeff h says:

    So does this mean no trade paperback for Terminal State? I hope not.

  • Billy Brown says:

    Nice, they have a “70’s pulp” aesthetic that I dig. Are you sticking with Jae Lee for the trade paperback covers? His covers have a nice distopic look that really compliments the series’ mood.

  • jsomers says:

    Well, folks, sorry to say there won’t be a trade paperback for The Terminal State. We’re going straight to mass market with the final 2 books. There’s a lot of reasons behind this decision, most of which are boring, and while I was kind of sad at first not to get a Lee cover for #4 and #5, I have to say the MM covers are so frickin’ kick-ass I don’t mind any more.


  • jayf says:

    the mass market cover for Cates #4 looks sweet. i feel for you, as the jaelee covers were also terrific, the mm covers have their own unique aesthetic which works as well.

  • jsomers says:

    Hi jay – I agree. The Lee covs were amazing, these are extremely cool, it’s win-win.

  • Damaso says:

    That cover is rockin! What’s NOT rockin’ is that we have to wait like ten months for it…

    I want it now! Or at least some short stories to tide me over! And scotch while you’re at it!

  • lisastepp says:

    i’m so sad! now my books are not going to match!

  • Lunch says:

    Well Lisa, all that means is that we’ve all gotta buy all the new versions!

  • Nick Cato says:

    Ditto what lisastepp said! I wonder if the scifi book club will have exclusive trades? Any word?

  • jsomers says:

    Hey Nick, I haven’t heard anything about that, but anything’s possible. If I hear, I’ll pass the word.


  • Kr0n1c65 says:

    Just have to say these are the best books I have ever read, the concept is amazing and each story just flows, bit gutted that we won’t be getting the Lee covs but hell I can’t wait for terminal state either way!